Nearby Attractions

Explore the area around Birch Aquarium 

Birch Aquarium at Scripps is located in beautiful La Jolla, California. There are many attractions located within a short drive of the aquarium. 

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego 

Scripps Institution of Oceanography strives to seek, teach, and communicate scientific understanding of the oceans, atmosphere, Earth, and other planets for the benefit of society and the environment. The campus is located between Birch Aquarium and the Pacific Ocean. 

La Jolla Shores Beach 

One of the most beautiful beaches in San Diego! The mile-long La Jolla Shores Beach and adjacent Kellog Park offer the perfect place for families to enjoy the beach. La Jolla Shores is home to the famous local leopard sharks, is great for beginner and advanced surfing, and is just a short drive from Birch Aquarium. Many of our outdoor programs, like tidepooling, shark snorkels, and grunion runs, happen at La Jolla Shores Beach. Plan to arrive early if you are visiting in the summer. Don't miss the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Pier at the north end of the beach. 

La Jolla Village 

The town of La Jolla, sometimes called "the jewel of Southern California," has a rich and diverse history that has influenced the culture and beauty of this small town. Breathtaking ocean views, great restaurants, shopping, and historic hotels make La Jolla Village a worthwhile destination.

Ellen Browning Scripps Park in La Jolla Village 

Scripps Park is a beautiful place to take in the coastal sights. On a clear day visitors can see La Jolla Shores, Birch Aquarium, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography in the distance while spying whales, dolphins, and bright orange garabaldi. Scripps Park was a favorite place of Theodor Geisel — Dr. Seuss himself — and many of the trees are reminiscent of those in his classic stories. 

La Jolla Cove 

La Jolla Cove is a beautiful small cove accessible by stairs down from the coastal bluff. You will see open water swimmers enjoying distance swimming, snorkelers taking in the underwater sights, and plenty of sea birds and marine mammals. Keep your eyes peeled for flashes of orange underwater — these are garibaldi, California's state marine fish! 

La Jolla Seal and Sea Lion Viewing 

La Jolla is one of the few places in Southern California where you can see California sea lions and harbor seals "haul out" onto the beaches and rocks. These marine mammals can be viewed from a safe distance along the coast of La Jolla Village. Some of the best places are La Jolla Cove, along Scripps Park, and at the Children's Pool. Please remember that seals and sea lions are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection act. It is illegal to get too close to these protected animals. They can also be aggressive and will protect themselves if they feel threatened. Do not approach wildlife.