Hall of Fishes

From a Giant Pacific Octopus to a rescued Loggerhead Sea Turtle, the Arthur M. and Kate F. Tode Hall of Fishes features more than 60 habitats. Explore the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest and the California coast, before heading to the tropical waters of Mexico and across to the Indo-Pacific coral reefs.


Northwest Coast

Explore the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest Coast and the animals that call this rugged environment home like Wolf Eels, Sunflower Sea Stars and even a Giant Pacific Octopus.


Experience the wonders of magical Moon Jellies, colorful Comb Jellies and swaying Sea Nettles! Learn why and how some jellies produce, emit, and even refract light in Jellies: Living Light and celebrate the enlightening work of Dr. Roger Y. Tsien, a UC San Diego scientist who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work and research.


Southern California

Look below the surface and discover local species found right in your backyard like Sheep Crabs, Sea Cucumbers, Surf Perch and more!

Giant Kelp Forest

Come face-to-face with Leopard Sharks, bright orange Garibaldi, Moray Eels and even an endangered Giant Sea Bass in our two-story Giant Kelp Forest.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Get up close to our lovely rescued Loggerhead Sea Turtle! Check our daily schedule to see when sea turtle feedings take place at the aquarium.

daily schedule

Research in Action: 100 Island Challenge

Research in Action: 100 Island Challenge habitat doubles as a working laboratory for Scripps scientists to develop techniques and test equipment before traveling to remote locations. The goal of the 100 Island Challenge is to gain a holistic understanding of the current state and future trajectory of the world’s coral reefs by conducting a global assessment of coral reefs and the factors promoting or inhibiting their growth.

Learn more about the 100 Island Challenge


Be on the lookout for baby sharks, tiny sea stars, juvenile fish and more!

Tropical Seas

From the eastern tropical Pacific to the Indian Ocean and beyond! Discover vibrant coral reefs, tropical fish and a magnificent mangrove habitat.