Mangrove Makeover

Alexandra Feltes

Recently our mangrove habitat got a major makeover! An incredible amount of love and work went into this habitat that is now home to about 40 mangroves as well as Diamond Fish, Chocolate Chip Sea Stars, baby Epaulette Sharks and more! Be sure to check it out the next time you stop by the aquarium – you can find this habitat in the Hall of Fishes. Wonder what it took to make our mangrove habitat? 

Watch the video below to see the incredible transformation that took place over the past few weeks!

Mangrove Forests straddle where the sea meets the shore. These trees thrive in salty, “brackish” water – a place most other trees cannot tolerate. The twists and turns of their roots create a safe haven for animals below and above the surface like birds, small fish, crabs and even baby sharks! They also act as storm barriers and provide protection for coastal communities.

Learn more about the importance of Mangroves from our friends over at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. In the below video, Scripps marine ecologist Octavio Aburto shares his vision for a new center focused on supporting our mangrove superheroes. The Center for Mangrove Science Diplomacy will use solutions-oriented science to develop a roadmap that reverses trends of mangrove loss and develops a roadmap to protect mangroves.