South Plaza

Sharks and Rays

Meet the locals – Sharks and Rays is home to a few spectacular species you can find all along the coast of Southern California. Discover Leopard Sharks, Smoothhound Sharks, Bat Rays, Halibut and even a Pacific Angel Shark!

Blue Beach

Blue Beach serves as a place for people to connect with the ocean and each other. This new area features a 4,500-square-foot floor mural depicting the bathymetry (or map of the depth) of the underwater canyons off La Jolla Shores, plus pedal-powered music from Rock the Bike, comfy seating, and fun outdoor games, all surrounded by stunning ocean views.

Shark Head Photo Op

For nearly 20 years, countless families and friends have taken photos inside our beloved shark head. Don’t miss this fun photo opportunity next to Shark Shores.