Seadragons & Seahorses

Immerse yourself in the incredible world of seahorses and seadragons and discover how our team is working to care for and conserve these unique fish. Spot Weedy Seadragons, several species of seahorses, pipefish, shrimpfish and more!

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Dappled light, dramatic photography, and larger-than-life imagery set the scene as guests learn how to observe these animals the way scientists do: by noticing the unique features that distinguish individual animals and identifying courtship and mating behaviors that will make our breeding program a success.

Seadragons & Seahorses features one of the largest seadragon habitats in the world designed to create an ideal environment to breed seadragons. The stunning display is 18-feet wide, 9-foot-tall and holds 5,375 gallons of water.

Conserving Charismatic Creatures

Birch Aquarium is a leader in seahorse and seadragon care and conservation. Our work is vital, now more than ever, as these species are at risk from climate change, unsustainable fishing practices and illegal collection of wild populations. Through our work and collaboration with other accredited organizations, we can increase genetic diversity and create sustainable populations, which in turn helps wild populations thrive.

Seahorse Activities

Seadragon Feedings

Watch our Weedy Seadragons use stealth and speed to snap up a meal! These unique fish use their long, thin snouts to create a strong suction to capture small prey like mysid shrimp. Check daily schedule for times.

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Seadragon Cam

Spot Weedy Seadragons with our Seadragon Cams. These unique fish use their stealth and stunning coloration to blend in with their habitat!

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Behind-the-Scenes: Seahorse Tours

Venture behind the scenes for a one-hour private tour and explore the fascinating world of seahorses. Get a glimpse of seahorse babies, learn about Birch Aquarium's renowned breeding program, and understand what it takes to care for these unusual fish on this immersive behind-the-scenes tour!

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Guest points to a seahorse during a tour.

Thank you Donors

This exhibition is made possible through generous donations from the community. If you are interested in learning more or supporting Seadragons & Seahorses. please contact Rachel Wyman.