Exploring R/V Roger Revelle

Exploring Ocean STEM Careers Night is more than an evening of meeting scientists and learning about diverse careers involving oceanography and earth science, it’s an opportunity to dive deeper into their world. The Defibaugh family attended this spring’s event and won our favorite raffle prize – a tour of Scripps Oceanography‘s R/V Roger Revelle. At 273 feet long, R/V Roger Revelle is the largest oceanographic research vessel in the Scripps Oceanography Fleet.

Captain Murline escorted the Defibaugh family on an in-depth tour of the ship, which was of particular interest to Henry, age 16,

“Captain Murline gave us a great tour of the Revelle, showing us all the different spaces where the scientists work. I could see myself doing experiments studying marine life all over the ocean.”

We are so happy that Henry and the Defibaugh were inspired by Exploring Ocean STEM Careers Night and their experience on the Revelle.

“I attended STEM Careers Night because I want to become a marine biologist. Ever since our family snorkeled in Hawaii last year, I have been interested in sea life, especially the variety of fish and plants in coral reefs. I volunteered at the UCSD botany lab this past summer so I think I am getting an idea of what a biologist’s career is like.”

Congratulations Henry on such a wonderful experience and we look forward to learning marine science from you one day!

Exploring Ocean STEM Careers Night 2018 will be announced in the spring, hope to see you there.

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