Birch Aquarium is home to several species of seahorse. The scientific name for the seahorse, Hippocampus, comes from the Greek words meaning "horse" and "monster.” But unlike a horse, this fish is not known for its galloping speed. Seahorses slowly glide through the water thanks to their small back dorsal fin and use their prehensile tail to grasp and anchor themselves to surrounding seagrass and corals.

Species Survival Plan

Birch Aquarium has been successfully rearing seahorses in captivity for nearly 25 years, making us a leader in the field. To date, we’ve shared thousands of seahorses with more than 100 accredited institutions to help promote seahorse conservation.

As a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), Birch Aquarium participates in several cooperative breeding programs called Species Survival Programs (SSP). This collaborative work helps to maintain the genetic diversity of certain species in zoos and aquariums to ensure healthy and thriving populations.


Behind-the-Scenes: Seahorse Tours

Venture behind the scenes for a one-hour private tour and explore the fascinating world of seahorses. Get a glimpse of seahorse babies, learn about Birch Aquarium's renowned breeding program, and understand what it takes to care for these unusual fish on this immersive behind-the-scenes tour!

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