Leopard Sharks

Leopard Sharks

Leopard Sharks are one of the most common sharks along the coast of California, especially here in San Diego! These local sharks stand out thanks to their iconic saddle-shaped splotches all along their upper body and fins.

Caring for Sharks

Sharks play a critical role in marine food webs and ocean health. However, their populations are threatened from climate change, overfishing and other human impacts. To help protect the future of these species, we need to better understand them.

As a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), Birch Aquarium participates in SAFE: Sharks & Rays. This collaborative effort brings together zoos, aquariums and a global network of partners, to influence positive change for sharks.

Studying the Secrets of Shark and Ray Blood

Caring for Our Leopard Sharks


Kelp Cam

Dive below the waves and spot Leopard Sharks, Moray Eels and even a Giant Sea Bass cruise around the Giant Kelp Forest in the Hall of Fishes.

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Shark Feeding

Join us for a feeding with our sharks and rays! Learn all about our local sharks and rays and discover how our Husbandry Team cares for them during this feeding.