There's Something About Seahorses

A Truly Unusual Fish

This exhibit is in the process of being incorporated into our new permanent Seadragons & Seahorses exhibition. 

Saddle up for a close encounter with the sea’s most captivating creatures: Seahorses. There’s Something About Seahorses features more than a dozen seahorse species and their relatives. Come nose to snout with these unusual fish and learn more about the mysterious, illusive, and beautiful, Seadragons. 

Did you know? 


  • Generations of baby seahorses have grown up right here at Birch Aquarium. Our talented aquarist team have been rearing seahorses through the Seahorse Propagation Program for over 20 years. These seahorses are on display here at Birch Aquarium and are also shared with aquariums and zoos around the world! 
  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientists recently discovered a new type of Seadragon, the Ruby Seadragon. This rare seadragon is named for its deep red color is found off the southern coast of Australia. This newly discovered species is not held in captivity, but can see the ruby seadragon's cousins, weedy and leafy seadragons in the exhibit. 
  • Male seahorses, and their relatives, are great dads! Females lay eggs either in a pouch or along a slit on the male, and the males take care of the eggs until hatching time. Seahorses with pouches actually go into labor and give birth to their young with strong contractions (check out the video in the exhibit!). 

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