Smargon Courtyard

Smargon Courtyard: A Multipurpose Space With Epic Views

Explore the outdoor space at the southern side of Birch Aquarium. Home to Shark Shores and one of the best views at the aquarium, it is also a multipurpose space used for visiting artists, events, and temporary exhibits. 

November & December 2020 

Smargon Courtyard is home to many of the aquarium's outdoor experiences as our indoor spaces are temporarily closed due to COVID-19. 

Tropical Touch Experience:
Dip your hands into our warmer waters to get a chance to touch animals like Cleaner Shrimp, hermit crabs, sea stars and even young Epaulette Sharks.

Nursery Animals:
Get a chance to observe some of our nursery animals, like clumps of mussels, swell shark egg cases and juvenile sharks, sand crabs, juvenile zebra perch and garibaldi, gorgonians, limpets, jellies, decorator crabs, seagrasses, and nudibranch. 

Winter Migrators:
Have you ever wondered who passes through our waters during the winter season? Guests will explore wintertime ocean species that migrate through the San Diego coastline and be able to log what they see!

Shark Shores
Meet the locals and see large adult Leopard Sharks, rays, and other species that live along the sandy shores within view of the aquarium. 

Whale Fall:
Learn what happens after a whale falls by exploring real whale bone specimens.