Feeling The Heat

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The Climate Challenge

What are the climate challenges associated with our rapidly changing world?

Get an inside look at what Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientists are doing to understand and protect the planet in this award winning exhibit. For more than 60 years, Scripps Oceanographers have studied how the planet responds to the natural changes of the past, and how humans have influenced change. See the tools used by climate scientists around the world, get hands on with the famed Keeling Curve, and learn what you can do to help with this global climate challenge. 

What is the Keeling Curve? 

Did You know: 

  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography has been a world leader in climate research since the 1950s, when Charles Keeling began his pioneering measurements of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Keeling’s data unequivocally documented the dramatic rise of this potent greenhouse gas over the last half century and serve as the foundation for studies of climate change. 
  • Today Scripps Oceanography scientists continue to investigate the causes and pace of climate change so that we can better understand its consequences. 
  • Where are we today? Check out today’s atmospheric carbon dioxide reading at the Manu Loa Observatory in Hawaii. 

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