Shark Shores

Meet the Locals!

Come face to face with La Jolla’s legendary Leopard Sharks and other species of elasmobranchs (sharks and rays) at Shark Shores. The large outdoor exhibit allows you to experience the sandy bottomed habitat of La Jolla Shores without getting wet! See what’s below the waves before your next trip to the beach. Look for the big blue outdoor tent on Smargon Courtyard. 

Did you know?

  • During the summer months, thousands of female Leopard Sharks gather just beyond the breaking waves at the southern end of La Jolla Shores Beach. These females are pregnant, and bask in the warm, calm, shallow waters while their pups develop. 
  • Saddles, not spots! You might imagine that a Leopard Shark has spots like the famous cats, however, these 6-foot predators actually have about 13 saddle shaped bands over their backs and down the length of their body. See if you can count all the saddle marks on our Leopard Sharks. 
  • San Diego locals know that one of the best ways to see these sharks is by snorkeling. During the summer months, check out our naturalist guided Leopard Shark Snorkels and experience these “friendly” sharks in their habitat. 

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