Kelp Cam Activities

New Ways to Interact With Our Live Kelp Cam 

Tune into the Kelp Cam Here

See Birch Aquarium's Giant Kelp Forest exhibit live at any time on the Kelp Cam. Enjoy the calming scene, or engage in new ways with the activities below. 

Kelp Forest Bingo 

Intended Ages: All Ages 

Gotta find them all! See who can spot all the creatures in the Kelp Forest with this fun Bingo Game! Look closely, some creatures are big, some are small, and some love to hide. Bring up the Kelp Cam and play along. 

Kelp Forest Bingo PDF


Animal Ethogram 

Intended Ages: Grades 2 and up

Ethograms are a way to study an animal’s behavior by recording what they are doing. You can use this ethogram while watching our Giant Kelp Forest on the Kelp Cam or by watching animals in your neighborhood!

Ethogram PDF


Nature Journaling 

Intended Ages: Grades 2 and up

Enjoy and experience nature through the Kelp Cam or in your own back yard with a nature journal. Let the experience inspire and guide you and forge a new way to see the natural world! 

Nature Journaling