Explorers Club: Sea of Symphony

Can you hear me now?

January 21: 9 a.m.-noon

In the ocean, communication travels at the speed of sound. Explore the sea of symphony and the cacophony of critters that make up our ocean soundscape. Scripps Scientist Regina Guazzo will be joining us to talk about her research! For ages 11-14. Pre-registration required. 


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Public: $60 

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Get to know Regina:
Regina Guazzo grew up in New Jersey and always loved spending time at the beach, visiting zoos and aquariums, and reading about the animals in the ocean.  At 5 years old, Regina told her parents that she was going to be a marine biologist.  As she progressed through school, she developed other interests including her love of music (she started playing the bass in 6th grade) and enjoyment of math.  Regina attended Rutgers University for undergraduate and began school as an engineering major.  She decided to change majors in her second year of college and graduated with a major in marine science and a minor in biology.  While at Rutgers, Regina explored different ways to combine marine biology and math.  She worked in an AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) lab, studied oyster larvae swimming behavior, and also interned at a local aquarium, but it wasn't until her third year at Rutgers that she discovered the field of marine mammal acoustics during a summer internship at Duke University.  Regina studied estuarine bottlenose dolphin whistles in North Carolina while working with Doug Nowacek at Duke University Marine Lab and continued this work for her senior honors thesis.  Marine mammal acoustics combines math, physics, biology, ecology, and music/acoustics which are all subjects that Regina enjoys.  Now Regina is in her 5th year of graduate school at Scripps Institution of Oceanography working with John Hildebrand.  She studies the migratory behavior of gray whales by recording their sounds at various locations along their migration route.  She is being funded by the SMART (Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation) Scholarship-for-Service through the Department of Defense and will work for SPAWAR in Point Loma after she graduates.  For fun, Regina enjoys going on adventures with her husband and dog and soaking up the sunshine in San Diego. 

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