Virtual Experiences

Unique Virtual Experiences

Birch Aquarium at Scripps provides a variety of curated private experiences that educate and engage while creating memorable connections between people and animals. Your unique experience directly supports Birch Aquarium’s mission to connect understanding to protecting our ocean planet.

Virtual animal encounters are an especially thrilling opportunity for participants to experience the wow of the underwater world first hand. Learn more about the ocean by adding on an unique virtual experience program. These programs will offer your guests the opportunity to observe, interact and inquire about the ocean with an expert aquarium educator. Suitable for audiences of all ages, these experiences will surely delight and entertain any group.

Guests will virtually come face to face with exciting creatures including a rescued Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Leopard Sharks, seahorses, seadragons, and more.

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Virtual Experiences

Length of time for animal or social hour experiences: 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes depending on your selection.
Add-on Options:

  • Virtual backgrounds themed to the experience that you share with your group
  • Commemorative underwater themed gifts both with the option of personalization
  • Hospitality wine & cheese delivery, boxed lunches to full gourmet meals. 
  • C-level: one senior executive onsite to be part of the virtual experience

Virtual Social Hour 

Virtual Barstool by Snake Oil Cocktail Company where you and your guests learn and experience the art of cocktail mixing. 
Price: $250
Length: depends on customized experience
Add-ons: Cocktail ingredients for every attendee and have it delivered

Chef Night Experience 

“Cook'n Style” at home and learn new recipes. 
Price: $250
Length: depends on customized experience
Add-ons: Recipe and ingredients delivered to attendees

Animal Experiences 

For all ages unless noted. All animal experiences are either 30 or 60 minutes. 
30 Minute Experience: Includes 30 minute chat for participants with Q&A.
Price: $1500 for groups under 50 people*

60 Minute Experience: Includes 10 minute ice breaker, 30 minute chat with Q&A, and 20 minute workshop.
Price: $2500 for groups under 50 people*

*Above 50 people requires an additional fee per person.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Experience

We all love a good story, and our rescued female Loggerhead Sea Turtle has one of the best conservation stories around! Listen to our turtle’s rescue story, including a big journey and how Birch Aquarium teamed up with the Digital Media Lab at UC San Diego’s Geisel Library to create what is believed to be the first 3-D-printed brace for a sea turtle’s shell. If you extend the experience to 60 minutes, we can start off the event with an icebreaker and wrap up with some turtle trivia.

Octopus Experience

Are you smarter than an octopus? Cephalopods are considered the smartest invertebrates with the biggest personalities. Put your problem-solving skills and memory to the test while you learn how we keep our Giant Pacific Octopus active with a variety of challenges, including painting! If you extend the experience to 60 minutes, we can start off the event with an icebreaker and wrap up with an octopus IQ quiz.

Kelp Forest Experience

Bring your event to new depths by taking your guests under the sea to explore one of San Diego’s keystone habitats. Two ocean educators will guide your group on an underwater journey as we tune into our Kelp Cam, learn about our neighbors and answer your questions. If you extend the experience to 60 minutes, we can run a fun game of Kelp Forest BINGO or educate your guests about how we observe our animals through behavior charts like ethograms. 

Shark Experience

Sink your teeth into the wonderful world of sharks and rays with this fintastic experience. Two ocean educators will help to bust some shark myths through an interactive game with your guests. Discover the sharks that call Birch Aquarium home as well as our locals that live right off the shores of San Diego. If you extend the experience to 60 minutes, we can start off the event with an icebreaker and wrap up with shark trivia. 

Seahorses & Seadragons Experience (Adults Only)

Love is in the air...and under the water! With the help of two ocean educators, we’ll host an interactive love lesson on how some aquatic animals find a mate while looking at the five love languages. Afterwards, you’ll learn about matchmaking at Birch Aquarium for our seahorses and seadragons. If you extend the experience to 60 minutes, we can start off the event with an icebreaker and wrap up with speed dating or facilitated social groups.