Cephalopod Celebration

Cephalopod Celebration 

February 8-16, 2020
Join us as we celebrate the wonderful world of cephalopods. Squid, octopus, cuttlefish, and their cousins have been around since before the dinosaurs and have shaped the oceans we know and love today. Dive into the world of cephalopods with hands-on activities, crafts, scientists, and more! 

During Cephalopod Celebration, guests will learn how these amazing creatures have shaped the oceans we know and love today.  The event includes hands-on activities, a scavenger hunt, crafts, and encounters with live and preserved creatures. 

Birch Aquarium will offer a limited number of Behind-the-Scenes Octopus Encounters where guests will have the opportunity to engage with the aquarium’s charismatic Giant Pacific Octopus. Each one-hour encounter is limited to six guests and includes personal interaction with members of the aquarium’s Education and Husbandry teams as well as with the Giant Pacific Octopus. Information coming soon! 

On the weekends, Scientists from Scripps Institution of Oceanography will display rare cephalopod specimens from the Scripps Oceanographic Collections, and cephalopod scientists will be ready to answer questions about their multi-armed and tentacled subjects.  

Most Cephalopod Celebration events are included in Birch Aquarium admission. The Behind-the-Scenes Octopus Encounter requires separate tickets.

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