Artist in Residence - Siena McKim

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Meet Artist in Residence Siena McKim as she works on Tide Pool Plaza! 

See Siena Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, now through January 11.

Siena McKim is an ecological artist, scientist, and SCUBA diver. In her research and artwork, her focus is on the small marine animals that lack vertebrae, called invertebrates: like sponges, sea slugs, and shrimp. 

“These animals look and behave stranger than any alien one could,” she said. 

There is a vast diversity of invertebrates right here in San Diego that we still don’t know much about. Through illustrations, sculptures, and photography, she hopes to exhibit and educate the public on these creatures, as well as marine algae. 

During her undergraduate studies at University of Michigan, she discovered a new species of freshwater algae that lives symbiotically inside of another creature, called a protozoa. “This fascinating discovery encouraged me to keep observing every little blob, string, and spike in nature, and never to assume we know everything,” she said. 

Be sure to stop by Tide Pool Plaza on your next visit to meet Siena and learn more about her and her work.  

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