Virtual Perspectives Lecture: Our Warming Ocean

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The Jeffrey B. Graham Perspectives on Ocean Science Virtual Lecture Series

Our Warming Ocean 
Sarah Gille, Scripps Oceanography Physical Oceanographer
When: Monday August 10, 6 p.m. PST
Price: Free
How to Watch: Simultaneously broadcast LIVE on Facebook and YouTube (details and links below) 

When we think about climate change, we often focus on the effects that we can directly observe such as extreme weather events and catastrophic wildfires. Yet most of our planet is covered by ocean where the impacts of climate change have been more difficult to measure. Join Scripps physical oceanography professor Sarah Gille as she describes how oceanographers are using innovative technology to study our warming ocean. See how much and where it is changing, the implications of that warming and where that heat is coming from.

How To Watch

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The lecture will be simultaneously broadcast live on Birch Aquarium's Facebook page and YouTube page. You are welcome to watch at either location using the links below. If you do not have Facebook, then we recommend viewing on YouTube as there is no required log-in. If you would like to submit questions, you will need to have a Facebook or YouTube account.

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