Perspectives Lecture: Annual Charles David Keeling Lecture

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Honoring Charles David Keeling

The Keeling Lecture series is in memory of distinguished Scripps Professor Charles David Keeling's life and invaluable contributions to climate science and Scripps Oceanography.

May 13: 7-8 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
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Navigating the perilous waters at the edge of glaciers to understand sea level rise

Speaker: Fiammetta Straneo, Scripps Institution of Oceanography 

Collapsing ice shelves and calving of large icebergs in Greenland and Antarctica have recently become major drivers of sea level rise. The rapidity of these changes has come as a surprise, revealing major gaps in our understanding of how ice sheets respond to a changing climate. To a large extent, these gaps are due to the lack of measurements from the marine edge of glaciers - the Achille's heel of glaciers. For over a decade, since the glaciers in Greenland began their retreat, Straneo and her group have been probing the edge of massive calving glaciers in iceberg-choked fjords in Greenland using helicopters, icebreakers, fishing vessels, and autonomous vehicles. Here, melting is caused by intrusions of warm, Gulf Stream waters into the fjords and enhanced by muddy plumes of surface melt released thousands of feet below the sea surface. Now the understanding gained through these measurements is being used in models aimed at improving sea-level rise predictions. 

About Fiamma Straneo 

Fiamma Straneorecently joined Scripps Oceanography as a Professor with an expertise in the polar oceans and their role in climate. She studies the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and their interaction with the atmosphere, sea-ice and the Greenland Ice Sheet. Much of her research involves obtaining and interpreting data from challenging polar environments using platforms such as icebreakers, fishing vessels, helicopters, snowmobiles and autonomous surface and underwater vehicles. Straneo has led over twenty field expeditions to the Arctic and Greenland. She is a fellow of the Leopold Leadership Program, chair of the Greenland Ice Sheet/Ocean Science Network (GRISO) and received the Sverdrup Award by the Ocean Sciences Section of the American Geophysical Union in 2016. 


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