Leopard Sharks

Getting to Know our Neighbors 

Leopard Sharks are an important local species, and their summer La Jolla Shores Beach gatherings were a mystery until Scripps Oceanographer and former Birch Aquarium fellow, Dr. Andy Nosal took up the case. Knowledge generated through Dr. Nosal’s research has important conservation implications: it highlights the value of Marine Protected Areas in protecting Leopard Shark aggregations that could otherwise be vulnerable to coastal development or fishing. His study of these important predators and their use of local Marine Protected Areas informs Birch Aquarium conservation messaging. Dr. Nosal’s research is included in annual summer shark programming, in naturalist guided shark snorkels, and in our ElasmoBeach exhibit.

Want to learn more? Check out ElasmoBeach, or go one one of Birch Aquarium's seasonal naturalist-guided snorkels to see the leopard sharks for yourself.