Wrapping Up the Year with Kearny High

On May 29th, Kearny DMD Sophomores premiered their videos to the world at Birch Aquarium.

The breadth of work is genre-breaking, with 24 teams and 100 students, where projects ranged from new-age social media campaigns mimicking youtube makeup tutorials to video encompassing some very….. interesting performances!

Through the 2017/18 school year, 10th-grade class of Kearny High, School of Digital Media and Design, undertook a multi-discipline project engaging with Scripps Scientists, aquarium staff, and the greater San Diego community to take on the challenges of science communication in fun and creative ways.

Each film looks to break viewers from their daily routine, making us all question if there is a better, more sustainable way, to care for the habitats around us.

By working with coral reef scientists, students formed and fostered their own knowledge for ocean habitats, leaving some inspired to write and perform songs while others crafted old-school origami video.

Most of all, a feeling of accomplishment exuded through Birch Aquarium, as guests–family, friends, and peers–strolled from booth to booth to be greeted with ephemera, student cooked delectables (bacon wrapped dates) and smiles.

By Robert Raad