SEA Days: World Water Day 2017

Every month, the third Saturday is a special day at Birch Aquarium: SEA Days!

As the tagline suggests, SEA Days are always full of  “Science, Exploration, and Adventure.” Visitors and members can meet a Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego scientist or other local researcher and get hands-on with science, participate in activity stations, and get creative with a thematic craft.

Name: Danielle Muller

Hometown: Detroit, MI 

Schooling background: BS in Wildlife Biology, 100 ton US Coast Guard Capt’s License, NAUI SCUBA Instructor

Describe characteristics a scientist must have: An open mind, a no-quit attitude and a healthy sense of adventure.

Courtesy of CDIP (Coastal Data Information Program). Here, Victor Aguilar (CDIP Sr. Marine Mechanic) and Les Hanson (CDIP Field Technician) take the “cdipper” (the boat they use to deploy and recover buoys) to Long Beach to install the San Pedro South wave buoy.

How does SCCOOS research affect a person’s everyday life?

SCCOOS’s activities are integral to California’s economy, health and safety. Marine transportation, aquaculture, commercial fishing, recreational boating and many other industries rely on the data we provide to operate successfully.

How does CDIP research effect a person’s everyday life:

CDIP uses wave buoys to measure, analyze, archive and send out wave observations and models for use by coastal engineers, coastal managers, scientists, mariners and PLENTY of surfers.  Websites like Surfline use wave data from CDIP’s wave buoys to deliver up-to-the-second information to surfers. 

How did you decide to work on this particular issue?

The only option for me when I went to college was science.  I mean… who doesn’t want to learn about our planets mysteries every day. After college, all I wanted to do was travel the world by boat – and lucky me (well through a HEAP of hard work) my wish was granted.  When those experiences came to an end, and I decided to live in San Diego. I knew I wanted to find my way back to science, and again, lucky me… San Diego’s thoroughly dedicated to supporting science. My unique background of science and maritime skills qualified me to get the great job I have now at Scripps Oceanography. I am not the scientist in charge, but I do support many talented scientists – and I am learning new and interesting things every day.

How do you predict the story of California Coast will change in the future?

I don’t have to predict – rather I know that sea level rise due to climate change will be a huge challenge for California communities.  What I hope for – what I want to predict – is that the people that will be affected will help each other to create a great future for all.  Lucky for me too… I work with many of the coastal managers and scientists that are working to prepare our coastal communities for these challenges… so I think all their hard work will help my prediction to come true!