New Exhibition: Seadragons and Seahorses

By Sally Tang

It’s been nearly two weeks since we opened our brand new exhibition, Seadragons & Seahorses, and it has been a hit! Guests have enjoyed the etherial space and the unusual creatures. Click through the gallery above to get a peek.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is one of the most expansive seadragon habitats in the world. The 18-foot-wide, 9-foot-tall exhibit holds 5,375 gallons of water — that’s equivalent to 70 bathtubs! More than a stunning display, the habitat is designed to create the ideal environment to breed Leafy Seadragons, something that has never been done in captivity before.

We’ve already seen mating behavior from both the Weedy and the Leafy Seadragons so we have our fingers crossed for babies in the future! Seadragons & Seahorses is included with admission so be sure to check it out on your next visit.

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