Meet the Honeycomb Eel

We have a new eel in the Hall of Fishes! This charismatic fish is the Honeycomb Moray Eel, a tropical species from the Indo-Pacific. These nocturnal predators spend their days hiding in caves or crevices of tropical coral reefs and rocky habitats.

  • The Honeycomb Moray’s unique coloration is to help helps this fish with camouflage as it hunts at night in the dappled light on tropical coral reefs and rocky habitats.
  • They can grow up to two meters in length (6.5 feet)!
  • They do NOT have pectoral or pelvic fins
  • The dorsal fin runs the length of its body!
  • They secrete mucus over their scaleless skin
  • They are not aggressive, but should be treated with caution because of their sharp teeth

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