Live Life on the Edge at Tidepooling Adventure

Where the land meets the sea is a unique place that can be found along the California coast. Waves crash and the sun burns down on rocky outcroppings. The animals that live here are survivors of floods and droughts – at least two times a day! They are the tide pools, and they are home to a great many amazing animals.

During Tidepooling Adventure, visit a local Tide Pool with Birch Aquarium–trained naturalists, who will show you why Tide Pools are home to a diverse group of animals, each adapted to living in this harsh environment. Come explore with us and learn more about these creatures, their habitat, and how to protect and preserve these natural wonders! Check out these photos from past Tidepooling Adventures, and be sure to sign up for upcoming tours in March!

We often find sea hares – slug like animals that are soft and squishy and can be the size of a football! They change the color of whatever type of algae they eat.


In contrast to the sea hare, the colorful Navanax is a predator sea slug that would greedily devour a sea hare.


California mussels, tiny acorn barnacles, and anemones conserve water in the heat of the sun. The anemones cover their soft bodies in shells to protect themselves from drying out. Think of the shells as the tide pool version of sunscreen.

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