Dive into the Giant Kelp Forest!

Have you ever witnessed a Giant Sea Bass gulp up a meal?  Or a Horn Shark chow down on some food?  It’s a truly phenomenal sight!  

Even though we are not able to offer dive shows yet, we thought you might enjoy this incredible perspective of the animals in our Giant Kelp Forest, captured by our awesome aquarist team and volunteer divers!

Giant Sea Bass will rapidly open their mouth to create a power vacuum that sucks in their meal!  These massive fish are known to eat squid, stingrays, and a wide variety of fish species.

Horn Sharks will swim along the seafloor in search of invertebrates like crabs, sea urchins, and a variety of molluscs.  They use their sharp front teeth to grasp prey and their back molar-like teeth to crush the exoskeletons, spines, and shells of their meal!

California Moray Eels have an extra set of jaws in their throat to help with feeding!  The front jaw bites into prey while the back jaw — aka the pharyngeal jaw — will launch forward to help a moray drag prey into its throat!

Want to see these incredible animals in action?! Make sure to visit the Giant Kelp Forest exhibit in Hall of Fishes on your next visit or tune in to our web cam!