Five Things You Didn’t Know About Oddities

It’s hard to believe Oddities: Hidden Heroes of the Scripps Collections has been open since mid-summer! Even if you’ve visited the exhibit several times, there may be a few things you’ve missed.

1. That’s a Small Big Squid
The Humboldt Squid on display looks big for us, but is actually a small specimen. These active predators grow up to seven feet long and can weigh up to 100 pounds! Despite their jumbo size, their lifespan is just about one year.

2. Hidden Heroes
The “Hidden Heroes” of the Scripps Oceanographic Collections are not just amazing creatures, they are also the dedicated scientists who work with the collections. From the four collections managers to scientists stationed all over the world, the Scripps Collections help light the way for these research heroes.

3. If We Could Turn Back Time
Scientists are able to travel through time using the clues hidden in the Geologic Collections. Countless sediment cores, rock specimens, and fossils are available for scientists to study, allowing them to travel back in time to understand changes in biology, climate, and much more. Our Exhibits Team had microscopic foraminifera, radiolarians, and other plankton fossils 3D printed in an extra large size so that guests could see them in the exhibit.

4. Sea Pigs Are Here!
If you love the pink plushies in the Sea Pig Lounge, then don’t miss our latest addition to the exhibit — real preserved Sea Pigs! Catch these strangely cute creatures on your next visit, and play the new matching game on the wall of the Sea Pig Lounge.

5. More to Explore
Our dynamic exhibits team is constantly adding new details to the exhibit. From expanding the collection manager’s desk to new costumes and plush, the exhibit is always changing.

See you on your next visit!

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