Exploring Ocean STEM Careers Night 2018

Ocean STEM Careers Night is an opportunity for students to learn about the diverse world of Oceanography, meet scientists from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Birch Aquarium, and learn about career paths that they didn’t even know existed. This year it was nothing short of a success, 24 scientists joined in to give an exclusive look on their careers and projects to demonstrate just how much of an environmental impact they can make.

The panels hosted, both, scientists and graduate students ranging from marine biologists to geologists and coastal researchers. Emily Kelly, a postdoctoral researcher for Scripps, shared her thoughts on the event:  “it was great that the conversations in the panels directed students to taking a lot of math courses and even learning coding, but also not being afraid to be well-rounded and still pursuing other interests and passions outside of science, such as music and arts.”

We asked Sarah Morgan Sickler, from the education department, for her top three favorite moments of the night:

  1. “All of the fun technology we had- awesome “tools of the trade” that the scientists brought out like dive equipment, microscopes,  a CO2 analyzer, ocean current profiler, oodles of sensors, optical scattering measurement equipment, and even the 100 island challenge groups specialized camera for capturing the coral reef imagery
  2. The diversity of field studied at SIO and UC San Diego that were represented. I had to stop and learn about the research they were all doing as well because it is all so unique and interesting!
  3. The incredibly excited raffle winner! Her hands were shaking so much she couldn’t write down her contact information. I can’t wait for her to tour the R/V Revelle with Captain Murline.”

Exploring Ocean STEM Careers Night happens annually every Spring. Keep an eye out for the next year’s event on our website at www.aquarium.ucsd.edu.