‘Boundless’ Construction

Visitors can expend their energy and recharge at a dynamic play area for children.

If you visited the aquarium in the last few weeks, you probably noticed your path blocked to Smargon Courtyard. Construction is underway for our newest exhibit – Boundless Energy – opening July 9!

Boundless Energy will be an outdoor playground that explores how we can use natural forces to power our lives. We’ll be showcasing ways to harness renewable energy from the sun, wind, and ocean motion through fun (and educational) interactive elements.

Think solar toys, spinning turbines, wave machines, and more.

(The sprawling Pacific view isn’t too bad, either.)

Boundless Energy is all about the bright energy future that awaits us. We humans can be pretty ingenious, and cool technology is currently being developed to capture and use clean energy that our planet already provides. The end result is a future that supports our quality of life while protecting the health of people and the environment.

Boundless Energy is made possible with the support of lead sponsor, Sempra Energy Foundation.

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing cool links, photos, and videos about renewable energy (be sure to also follow us on Twitter). We’ll also be posting pictures of the construction progress. Check out the photos below!

April 12

April 21

April 28

May 4

May 11

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