Birch Aquarium recognized in CityBeat

The staff is pretty excited about the recognition we just received from CityBeat’s seventh-annual “Best of San Diego” list. We feel so honored!

Best Place to Admire Sea Life Without Getting Wet

The Birch Aquarium is the smaller, humbler, more intelligent version of the obnoxiously corporate marine-themed amusement park here in San Diego. The jellyfish exhibit is extraordinary and alone worth the trip to La Jolla. Currently, they have moon jellies, red-striped jellies, Australian spotted jellies, upside-down jellies, sea Nettles and moon polyps. If that means nothing to you, search Google images for them. See? Rad, right? The giant octopus is another must-see, but he likes to sleeps a lot, usually in the confines of a large jar.

Each tank is a veritable “I Spy” of the glorious, yet odd, creatures that inhabit the ocean. The exhibition on the back patio serenely overlooks the ocean from atop the La Jolla cliff. There you can gently poke the tiny inhabitants of a tide pool. Weekdays are the best time to visit because it’s usually just you and a few college kids quietly filling out packets for their biology class rather than the infestation of children that plagues the weekends. The new exhibit, There’s Something About Seahorses, opens Nov. 14. —Sammi Skolmoski

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