Birch Aquarium Gives Thanks

We asked the staff at Birch Aquarium to share what they are thankful for this holiday season. Here is some of what they had to say:

I am thankful…

…to share my love of marine science with our visitors. It’s such a gift to see their faces light up when learning about our planet and its ocean creatures! – Sheri Knox, Administration

…for our baby seadragons. Not only are they adorable, but they’re helping reduce the need to collect these amazing fish from the wild. – Addie Eure, Marketing

…for the many generous volunteers and donors who make Birch Aquarium’s programs possible, especially our K-12 programs! – Michele Bart, Development

We're thankful for all of our amazing volunteers!

We’re thankful for all of our amazing volunteers!

…when Scripps scientists join us for our monthly SEA Days events. It’s amazing when we can engage everyone, from little kids to their grandparents. The scientists have an opportunity to share their specialties and Birch Aquarium helps to interpret their work. – Craig Klampe, Visitor Services

…to use carpentry in support of Birch Aquarium’s many wonderful exhibits. Just last week, we completed a colorful display to showcase winning artwork of an ocean-themed K-12 art and poetry contest. Installing an art show is like unwrapping “eye candy.” After browsing the art, some families thanked us for creating the exhibit. That’s a rewarding response! – Kevin Stephens, Exhibits

…that guests have a unique aquarium to go to with their families and enjoy the wonders of this Earth. – Danny Beckwith, Education

…for the plants, plankton, and seaweeds that make our air breathable! – Leorah Gavidor, Book & Giftshop

…for the generous individuals that provide financial assistance to that kids can experience the ocean through our camps.  – Charina Layman, Education

Summer Learning Adventure Camp at Birch Aquarium

Summer Learning Adventure Camp at Birch Aquarium

…to work with dedicated and knowledgeable educators who shower attention on every group of students. After one of our education programs, students leave happy and interested in being stewards of the ocean. – Art Smart, Education

…to hear excitement from students. When they say “I love learning about this!” or “I want to be a scientist,” that’s when I get excited, too!” – Sarah Morgan-Sickler, Education

…to Birch Aquarium at Scripps’s dedicated group of staff and volunteers. Our staff shares their passions for education, conservation, and the ocean every day with the public, and we simply could not do what we do without all our wonderful volunteers. – Nigella Hillgarth, Executive Director


A very Happy Thanksgiving!

— Compiled by Kate Jirik

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