Birch Aquarium Celebrates World Oceans Day 2014

Birch Aquarium at Scripps celebrated World Oceans Day on Sunday, June 8. Visitors to the aquarium had the opportunity to participate in eight activity stations throughout the aquarium and learn fun facts about the ocean, all themed to Dr. Seuss’s classic One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Each station included a rhyme that gave guests ideas about how they could help the ocean and protect its biodiversity.

The galleria featured stations that highlighted local sea life. At the whale station, guests could learn about different types of whales found off the California coast and the diversity of whale species across the globe. The seaweed station let guests get hands-on with different types of seaweed and discover how it impacts our daily lives. A crowd favorite, the plankton station, allowed guests to use their creativity and ingenuity to build their own plankton and test its ability to move within the water column.Untitled

The education courtyard was home to two more exciting activities. The fish station demonstrated the importance of being aware of different fishing methods and their effects on the environment. It was also home to our wind energy station, where guests could design and test different types of blades to determine the best shape for capturing wind energy and how to conserve energy in their homes.Untitled1

One of the classrooms was turned into a Recycle Party, where guests could make an upcycled bracelet out of a water bottle or learn about common types of marine debris. Next door, in the invertebrate room, sea stars, hermit crabs, and sea snails were available to be touched. These animals are often found in our local tide pools but are susceptible to runoff and other types of pollution. As guests finished their activities they could make a promise to the ocean to keep the celebration alive all year long.  Untitled2

This year there were over 600 events all over the globe to celebrate World Ocean’s Day. We look forward to celebrating with everyone in 2015!Untitled3

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