A SEAsational Play by our Future Oceanographers!

By Sally Tang

Misha Kazi and nine of her friends spent their summer in the most spectacularly generous way: they wrote, produced and acted in an underwater themed play and donated the proceeds to Birch Aquarium! The young ocean-lovers represented a variety of underwater sea life such as an angelfish, dolphin, sea turtle, octopus, sea horse, and seaweed in a 40 minute play complete with 6 songs!

We are proud to have inspired the next generation of ocean advocates to think constructively about the underwater world and the impact humankind has made. Misha and her friends concluded the visit by presenting an $800 check made out to Birch Aquarium so that we may continue our conservation and educational efforts.

Mischa and friends at Birch Aquarium.   

The team created homemade costumes to represent different ocean animals (and a unicorn). Proceeds from their play were generously donated to Birch Aquarium.

We thanked Misha and her friends by inviting them to the aquarium this past weekend and treated them to the full VIP experience! They enjoyed the aquarium exhibits and also got to go behind the scenes to peer down into our 70,000 gallon, 2-story tall Kelp Forest Exhibit!

On behalf of all your land and sea friends at Birch Aquarium, we would like to thank Misha and her friends for boosting ocean conservation awareness and for their generous donation! You inspire us!