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Annual Reports

Birch Aquarium in the 2018 Scripps Institution of Oceanography Annual Report

2017 Scripps Institution of Oceanography Annual Report 
Find Birch Aquarium on pages 17-19. 

Birch Aquarium in the 2016 Scripps Institution of Oceanography Annual Report

You can also view past Scripps Institution of Oceanography Annual Reports here

News Releases 


Birch Aquarium Adds Outdoor Activities, Will Remain Open 
Guests are invited to explore and get hands-on in new outdoor activities and exhibits for a discounted ticket price. 

Birch Aquarium is Reopening! 
Public opening is July 4, with member preview days July 1-3, 2020

Birch Aquarium Closes to Public Beginning March 12
The temporary closure is an effort to help stop the communal spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Baby Dragons Hatched at Birch Aquarium
Birch Aquarium successfully breeds rare Weedy Seadragon for the first time.


“Shell-ebrate” Five Years with Birch Aquarium’s Sea Turtle

Celebration commemorates Loggerhead’s inspirational story of survival.

Whale Watching Kicks off Adventure on the High Seas
Birch Aquarium and Flagship Cruises and events kick off their 20th season with a splash

Birch Aquarium’s New Tours Take Guests Behind the Scenes for the First Time
Birch Aquarium’s new behind-the-scenes tour immerse guests into the world of seahorse conservation

Birch Aquarium Aligns All Classes to National Next Generation Science Standards
All of Birch Aquarium’s Discovery Lab programs for Kindergarten through grade 12 are now aligned with the national standards.

Celebrate 20 Years of Spooky Science at Haunted Aquarium 
Birch Aquarium’s family-friendly Halloween event expands to three nights for 20th anniversary.

Toddler Time Kicks-Off New Season at Birch Aquarium
Popular children's series featuring music, art, yoga, and more kicks-off September 11 and continues every

Seadragons & Seahorses Opens at Birch Aquarium
New permanent exhibition features one of the largest seadragon habitats in the world

Eggstravaganza at Birch Aquarium 
Hop Hop Splash! Scuba Bunny dives in to celebrate spring

Birch Aquarium Offers Camp Financial Aid 
The aquarium hopes to inspire all future ocean stewards through Summer Learning Adventure Camp 

Whale Fest Makes A Big Splash
New event celebrates whales and their charismatic cousins at the height of whale watching season

Birch Aquarium to Participate in Museums for All
Birch Aquarium is the second aquarium to participate in nationwide program that makes museums and cultural attractions available to all. 


New Exhibition Strives to Save Seadragons
Birch Aquarium’s newest venture will feature one of the largest seadragon habitats in the world.

Bam! Pow! Splash! Birch Aquarium Opens Comic-Inspired Exhibit 
Oddities: Hidden Heroes of the Scripps Collections Highlights the astonishing adaptations (aka superpowers) of ocean species. 

Saving Coral Reefs One Video at a Time 
Students from Kearny High School have teamed up with Birch Aquarium to create videos that promote conservation locally and globally. 

Eggstravaganza at Birch Aquarium 
Hop! Hop! Splash! Celebrate spring with Scuba Bunny.

Listening for Fish Conversations in the Kelp Forest
Birch Aquarium is testing a new ocean conservation tool used to identify sound-producing fish.


Brace Yourself — 3D Technology Helps Sea Turtle Thrive
Birch Aquarium teamed up with the UC San Diego Library’s Digital Media Lab to 3-D print a brace for its Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Birch Aquarium Announces 2017 Green Flash Lineup 
Annual concert series is the ultimate Southern California music experience.

A Grandfather’s Wish to Share the Sea
Bequest from longtime Birch Aquarium member Eugene Swantz supports Scripps Institution of Oceanography. 

Art Installation Takes Living Light to Infinity 
Birch Aquarium at Scripps is launching the Infinity Cube, a new, immersive installation that explores bioluminescence. 


Holiday Night Lights Celebration 2016
Let it glow, let it glow, Let it glow! Birch Aquarium Celebrates the holidays with nature's living lights. 

Expedition at Sea: R/V Sally Ride Gallery Opens
This immersive new exhibit brings guests closer to cutting edge research.