Weedy seadragon: Support our new seadragon breeding initiative when you adopt! 


Adopt-A-Fish and become a valuable friend to marine animals. Yearly adoptions starting at $25 allow you to become an ambassador for the ocean by supporting Birch Aquarium's:

  •  5,000+ fish and invertebrates
    Your contribution goes directly toward helping us keep our 3,000+ fishes and invertebrates thriving and on display so all children and adults can learn to appreciate the wonders of our oceans.
  • Conservation breeding programs
    Our successful breeding programs allow us to help aquariums around the world reduce collecting in the wild, an essential element in conservation. Your support gives us the means to equip these programs and better understand the breeding process.
  • Education programs
    We teach 40,000+ school children annually to be responsible ocean citizens and future ambassadors for ocean health. Your gifts provide the animals and tools for all  onsite and remote learning programs, which also reach our underserved communities.


Contact us at adoptafish@ucsd.edu or 858.534.5771. For a full listing of Adopt-A-Fish Terms and Conditions, click here.

Birch Aquarium’s Adopt-A-Fish is a GREEN PROGRAM! We send everything digitally so you can choose to print your items—certificate, Fun Fish Facts, animal picture, complimentary tickets—or just enjoy them on your computer.