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Renewable Energy: General

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Part of the U.S. Dept. of Energy, NREL is the nation’s primary lab for renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development.

U.S. Energy Information Administration
Review renewable energy trends in consumption and electricity production, including graphs and charts

UC San Diego: Center for Energy Research
Aimed at coordinating and promoting energy research and education. Basic and applied research in fields of fusion energy, solar energy, combustion, and related disciplines. A focal point for studies of socio-economic and environmental aspects of energy production and use.

Energy Quiz
What is your energy IQ? Take this pop quiz on your energy knowledge.

Thank You Ocean podcasts: Renewable Energy from Offshore 
Two-part podcast from 2009 about the energy potential of offshore wind farms, waves, and ocean currents.

Wind Power

PBS NewsHour: Wind Power
In-depth coverage, animation, charts, and news reports about wind power.

California Energy Commission: Wind in CA
Learn about the distribution of wind energy in California and the wind potential throughout the state.

U.S. Dept. of Energy: Wind Energy 101
Short video explains the basics of how wind turbines operate to produce clean power from an abundant, renewable resource—the wind.

Podcast: Bumpy Whale Fins Outperform Smooth Turbines
Whale and dolphin fins, flippers, and tails are bumpy, which produce disturbed wakes that increase lift and decrease drag. Engineers are taking note.

Power Scorecard: Wind
Assess the environmental impacts of wind energy.

Solar Power

Union of Concerned Scientists: How Solar Energy Works
How we collect it and what is the future of solar energy.

U.S. Dept. of Energy: Solar Energy Technologies Program
Short video on solar power basics.

States Advancing Solar: Photovoltaics
In-depth explanation of solar PV

Solar Roadways
Video about innovative idea for solar roads

UC San Diego: Kleissl Lab
Researchers have developed a new, more accurate map of CA’s solar resource. The map, which can be viewed via Google Earth for free, allows homeowners, photovoltaic installers, and utilities to better predict how much power they will get out of their solar systems.

Ocean Power

Outer Continental Shelf Alternative Energy Program
Features short introductions to ocean wave and ocean current energy and overviews of wave and current power technologies.

Wave Star Energy
Video and information about the innovative Wave Star wave energy system in the North Sea off Denmark; technology featured in Boundless Energy.

The Carbon Trust: Future Marine Energy
Study of efficacy of extracting wave and tidal stream energy, with analysis of cost competiveness now and in the future.

Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition
National trade association exclusively dedicated to promoting marine and hydrokinetic energy technologies.

Ocean Energy Council
Dedicated to spreading awareness about ocean renewable energy; calendar of ocean energy meetings and events worldwide.

For Kids & Teachers

CLEAN: Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network
CLEAN's primary goal is to steward a broad collection of educational resources and foster a supporting community to help facilitate students, teachers, and citizens becoming climate literate and informed about "the climate's influence on you and society and your influence on climate."

Home Energy Education Challenge

Challenge your students to become energy efficient. NSTA and the U.S. Department of Energy have opened registration for America's Home Energy Education Challenge—a nationwide student contest to help families save money by saving energy at home.

U.S. Energy Information Administration: Kids Section

Learn about energy, energy sources, and how to save energy.

KidWind Project
Free lesson plans, teach workshops, and information about the annual student-driven wind turbine competition.

Energy Quest
Interactive, informative, kid-friendly site about energy.

Solar Schools
Take control of your school’s energy usage through the analysis of real energy data. Conduct an audit of your school’s energy use and make a difference on your school’s carbon footprint today.

Energy Word Scramble & Color Activity for Kids

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