Young visitors participate in a Think-Tank lab at Birch Aquarium at Scripps, during which they made cartesian divers using recycled plastic bottles. This classic science experiment demonstrates the principle of buoyancy.

Visitor Activities


::Note:: Explore-It and Think Tank activities will return in the early fall, check back soon for dates and topics!


Join us as we dive deeper into the fascinating lives of ocean animals and other interesting natural phenomenon.  Exciting demonstrations, live animals and fun activities will engage learners of all ages. Our experienced Explore-It guides will help answer questions and inspire meaningful connections.


Think Tank

Be a part of Think Tank, a new collaborative learning experience where  guests of all ages can come together to explore our natural world.  Sparks  of curiosity and creativity will get minds buzzing, and hands moving, to  build upon ideas and understanding through interactive projects.  Pull up  a chair, put on your thinking cap and prepare to invent.

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