Birch Aquarium at a community event

Community Events

Birch Aquarium at Scripps participates in more than 20 community festivals and fairs annually to meet San Diegans all over the county and to fulfill the aquarium's mission to provide ocean science education and promote ocean conservation. Please stop by and say hi if you see the aquarium's table or Planet Earth Express Van at an event.

Want to invite the aquarium to participate in your community event?
Depending on your event requirements, Birch Aquarium can offer one of the following themes: 
  • Tidepool Ecology: Learn about our local tide pools and the animals that live there
  • Mussel Clumps: Explore mussels and the unique habitat they create for lots of other organisms
In addition to marine themed activities, staff will distribute aquarium coupons, brochures, and educational materials.  The aquarium gives priority to conservation, science, educational, and culturally-oriented events. Contact (858) 534-5208 for more information.