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Photo: The Seahorse Trust

Deep Down Under

Deep down under the ocean blue,
Is a small little sea horse, hidden to you.

He's camouflaged well so he can dine,
On seaweed galore, while his babies eat brine.

With a head like a horse, and an opossum-like tail,
He glides through the water like a boat with a sail.

With a snout of an aardvark and darting eyes.
Wouldn't it be sad if forever it dies?

Isn't it romantic that they mate for life?
Only during the full moon, under it's bright light.

They act furtive, hiding secrets and all.
Just like the new kid, shy with no friends to call.

Beautiful, friendly, and sweet they seem.
Tiny but Inspiring. A young writers dream.

He makes me feel happy, a wonderful friend.
I hope sea horse life will never end.

by Caitlin A. Mackey

Grades 1-3
Winner: Meghan Lumsden

Grades 4-6
Winner: Caitlin A. Mackey

Grades 10-12
Winner: Kalyn Noe

Adults 18+
Winner: Scott Carpenter